Jaclyn Smith 2015

Jacquelyn Ellen Smith was born in 1945 in Texas and is an American actress known for playing Kelly in the Charlie’s Angels. In the 2003 movie, Jaclyn appeared in one of the scenes for a short period of time. Today, she is more of a business woman as she developed her own brand of clothing and perfumes, being herself the designer and marketer of her products since 1985. She started her actress career early by appearing in TV commercials.

Thanks to the Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy series she was nominated for the best actress in TV. She participated in a great variety of TV series which include George Washington, Rage of Angels, Nightmare In the Daylight, Kaleidoscope, The District, some episodes of CSI in 2012 among others. She has been married four times, she is currently married to a cardiothoracic surgeon named Brad Allen. In 2003, she also had to battle breast cancer.

The media keeps tracking her observing everything she has been doing as she kind of an American icon. Most magazines often show photos of her declaring that Jaclyn Smith 2015 does not age at all. She can be seen in different types of events in different cities as Foundation Receptions, Movie Premiers and any virtually Celebrity Events.